MPT Autobody

It’s important for commercial fleet vehicles to maintain a uniform, professional appearance to preserve the standard of the organization they represent. At MPT Autobody, we are equipped to provide the best collision repair and restoration services to meet and exceed your expectations. Here are three common issues with fleet vehicles, and just a few ways that we can keep your fleet looking new and up-to-date. 

Commercial fleet vehicle repair and restoration

1. Collisions

Vehicles that belong to a commercial fleet must endure a lot of wear and tear, and occasionally may be involved in a collision. We offer full-service collision repair, which will make your fleet of vehicles look as good as new. We use industrial-grade materials to restore each vehicle back to its original state.

2. Metal Fabrication

You won’t need to wait up to eight weeks for your metal fabrication request to be completed. MPT can fabricate compartment doors, J-Wrap, Metal Skirting, and Fascia in as little as four days. Our quick turnaround time and unsurpassed quality earn us rave reviews from our customers. We are equipped to handle custom fabrication for almost any of your fabrication needs regarding cars, trucks, RVs, emergency, military, marine, and fleet vehicles. We specialize in:

3. Fiberglass Repair

We can handle the large volume of work required for fleet vehicles, including repairs to fiberglass.  We know that you depend on your vehicles and probably don’t have the luxury of waiting months while they are out of service. We’ll do everything we can to return your fleet of vehicles complete with repairs in the time frame that you need them. 

Call the Experts Today

Repairing and restoring an entire fleet of vehicles is a large endeavor, and you should choose a business with enough experience to handle the job. At MPT, we will meet and exceed all of your commercial fleet repair needs. Our services will keep your fleet vehicles performing well and looking new. Contact us at (843) 957-7785 to get started with a free estimate. We serve the Myrtle Beach area and all of South Carolina.