MPT Autobody

Emergency Vehicle Repairs

MPT Autobody, we understand the importance of emergency vehicles and their upkeep. Fire trucks, ambulances, and other similar vehicles need to be in top shape in order to function correctly and assist in saving lives. That’s why we’re proud to provide emergency vehicle collision repairs and custom fabrication services. Contact us today at (843) 957-7785, or stop by our shop near Myrtle Beach for more information.

Dedicated to Those Who Serve Us

MPT is dedicated to helping our service men and women by providing high-quality emergency vehicle repair services. We provide collision repair, custom paint and fabrication services for fire trucks, ambulances, armor-plated vehicles, and many others.

MPT helps to keep your first responder vehicles in service longer.  Our emergency vehicle technicians will provide inspection, service, and repair to emergency vehicles including ambulances, fire trucks, ladder trucks, general EMS vehicles, police vehicles, and any other municipal fleet or emergency vehicles. 

In addition to emergency vehicles and fleet vehicles, the team at MPT provides repair and custom paint services for RVsautomobiles, and boats.

Emergency Vehicle Repair Experts

We understand that when every second could save a life, and the importance that emergency vehicles are prepared to go and function perfectly. Our team at MPT completes fire truck repairs, ambulance repairs, and more with proper professional techniques. Located in Murrells Inlet, we serve the Grand Strand and all of South Carolina. Call (843) 957-7785 or request an appointment online.