MPT Autobody

South Carolina natives are ready for warmer temperatures and longer days to usher in yet another boating season. But before the waters lose their winter chill, MPT Autobody can help you get your boat ready for high speeds on the water or lazy afternoons floating in the sun.



1. Repair any damages from last season.

Don’t launch your boat without first getting necessary boat repairs. Doing so could worsen needed body repairs—costing you more money and time off the water. MPT Autobody in Murrells Inlet, SC has a wide range of boat repair services.

2. Get a clean, fresh start.

Boat detailing can be a great way to begin the season with (literally) a clean slate. Our full-boat detailing services will get your vessel looking better than ever. Be sure to also ask about our boat buffing and waxing services.

3. Add some pizazz.

Want your boat to stand out on the South Carolina waters? Work with our boat-paint technicians to create a boat design that fits your personal style. From pinstriping to spray-on chroming, your boat will be looking flashier than ever!

MPT Autobody is a high-end boat repair and auto body repair company located in Murrells Inlet, SC. Since 2001, we have taken great pride in professional boat detailing and boat repair services as well as auto body repair, RV detailing, and more!

Don’t waste any time on land! Contact MPT Autobody at 843-957-7785 to get your boat repairs or boat detailing underway.

photo credit: Corfu Gopro 14 via photopin (license)