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Did you know 2020 was a big year for RV travel? In fact, this year saw such a spike in RV-related activities that RV manufacturers has deemed it “the year of the RV!” But with that increased travel and activity also comes an increase in RV damage and wear. This winter, stop by MPT Autobody near Myrtle Beach, SC, to repair and restore your RV. Remember, repair it now so you can travel later.

RV Repair

What Happened?!

Exterior damage is one of the most common woes experienced by RV owners. Between tree branches, exposure to the elements, and mishaps related to the height and size of the vehicle, RVs take a beating. Even RVs owned by the most cautious and experienced of drivers will require repairs due to aging and weather at some point.

RV Repair & Body Work

With more than 20 years of combined experience repairing vehicles, MPT has the vehicle and construction knowledge to make any RV repair look just like new. Our team repairs everything from minor scrapes and scratches to severe body damage. Furthermore, we are skilled in fiberglass repair, windshield repair and replacement, and custom fabrication. No matter how severe the damage, our technicians will fully restore your RV to like-new condition.

RV Roof Repairs

RV roofs require special attention. Because of constant exposure to sun and rain, roofs are prone to cracking and leaking over time. To remedy this problem, MPT installs custom aluminum roofing with a limited lifetime guarantee. Our roofs are tough, built to last, and totally maintenance free (other than an occasional washing). Plus, our roofs come in all colors, so matching your RV’s style will not be a problem.

RV Custom Paint

In addition to RV collision and roof repairs, we also offer custom RV body painting. Our skilled technicians are experts at color matching and can make scratches and other signs of damage vanish. Furthermore, our team specializes in custom paint jobs and decal applications.

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End “the year of the RV” on a high note with custom RV repair and body painting services from MPT. As South Carolina’s premiere appearance specialists, we can make any RV shine like new. For a free estimate on RV collision repairs or other RV services, contact us today at (843) 957-7785.