MPT Autobody

You’re driving along the South Carolina coast, enjoying the saltwater air and the sun shining. Suddenly, you hit a pothole in the road, and your vehicle makes a sudden thud. You keep moving, but you notice your ride isn’t quite as smooth as it once was. You begin to wonder, “Did my wheel get damaged?”


When your car, motorcycle, or RV gets a damaged wheel, you don’t want to put up with that bumpy ride for long. Even though an uneven ride can be irritating, not getting it fixed can further damage your vehicle’s tire and suspension.

For a thorough assessment and wheel repair quote, bring your car, truck, RV, or motorcycle to MPT Autobody of Myrtle Beach, SC. While we are known for our custom paint jobs, auto detailing, and chroming services, we also offer some specific auto repairs. Wheel repair just happens to be one of those specialties.

Allow us to take a look at your wheel and determine whether we can fix it. We have top-of-the-line equipment that can repair your wheel, getting out those scuff marks and dings. If you practically fell into a pothole and your wheel is beyond repair, we can also help you order a replacement and get your vehicle back in working condition as soon as possible.

Don’t let a bumpy ride get you down. Instead, contact MPT Autobody—Myrtle Beach’s wheel repair experts—at 843-957-7785. We’ll set you up with a service appointment and get your vehicle back in good running order so you can get back to cruising the South Carolina coast.

photo credit: bureau of street traffic via photopin (license)