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Fiberglass RVs are truly a work of art. While aluminum RVs are more economical, the appeal and durability of fiberglass RVs has taken them to the top of the market. And even while fiberglass offers many benefits to RV owners, it is still prone to scratches and damage. At MPT Autobody of Myrtle Beach, we strive for perfection so that no matter how badly your RV is damaged, we can restore it to its former glory.

RV Repair and Body Work

Benefits of Fiberglass

When it comes to RVs, fiberglass is hard to beat. Unlike aluminum, fiberglass is durable and does not dent easily. Fiberglass also tends to be more attractive because of its shine, which makes it easier to clean. Fiberglass RVs also tend to hold their resale values better than aluminum rigs. Additionally, fiberglass is lightweight, making these rigs more fuel-efficient than heavier aluminum models.

Fiberglass Repair

One of the unfortunate downsides of fiberglass is that repairs can be difficult and costly. Like with any vehicle, accidents happen. Unfortunately, with fiberglass, even a small accident can result in the need to replace an entire panel.  While internet aficionados will claim you can fix minor scratches and holes on your own, it is extremely difficult to repair fiberglass well. RV repairs and body work require precision, skill, and attention to detail. Without these things, the repair job will leave you with a mismatched spot that distracts from the beauty of your rig.

Call the Professionals

When your RV is in need of repair, it is best to call the professionals. At MPT Autobody, we specialize in fiberglass repair. We have experience with everything from collision repair and fiberglass reconditioning to filling scratches and cracks. We also employ a team of highly skilled RV painters; when we are done with your RV, it will look as if the damage never happened. 

Other RV Needs

At MPT Autobody, we are not limited just to great fiberglass repair and paint work. We also lead the industry in RV roof repairs and offer a variety of other RV services and maintenance. Plus, our auto body shop offers services like graphics and repair work for fleet vehiclesboats, and emergency vehicles. If you’d like to learn more about MPT or receive a free estimate, contact us today at (843) 957-7785