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We see cars with business logos nearly every time we drive somewhere. We see the company name, what the business offers, contact information and more. It becomes a moving business listing that’s seen by other drivers on the road. It’s even better than a billboard on a busy road, because you’re actually driving your advertisement past your potential customers or target audience rather than hoping that they look over to notice it.

According to the Transportation Advertising Council of America, messages on outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate. Customers learn what these iconic vehicles represent, and the next time they need your service, you’re likely going to come to mind first. Think about the Geek Squad cars that have become a marketing icon for Best Buy. Everyone knows the black and white VW Beetle has a tech guy behind the wheel when you see them driving around town.

Car wraps are great for targeting events that your ideal customers might attend. For example, you may get great advertisement at a sporting event or local festival. Place your vehicle in a very noticeable spot to draw attention without having to pay to place an advertisement in a certain location. If you’re a business that travels to the homes of your customers, this is a great way to get the attention of the neighbors so that they know who was doing business in the neighborhood. Don’t you want a competitive edge against those who are driving regular vehicles around town?

Car Wraps in South Carolina

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