MPT Autobody

If your vehicle has sustained body damage or it’s in need of a custom paint job, you don’t want to take your car to just anyone or even attempt to do it yourself. You’ve probably seen those cars on the street that look like someone just whipped out a can of spray paint. You want to avoid that look at all costs.

Instead, you want an auto body repair professional you can trust. You want MPT Autobody of Murrells Inlet, SC.

MPT Autobody is known for going above and beyond what’s expected when it comes to auto body work. Each auto body specialist approaches each custom paint job or restoration project more like a work of art than a simple “paint-and-repair” job. They’ve been known to transform motorcycles, RVs, and even police or military cars! Just check out this photo of recent work done on a SWAT vehicle!

auto body repair

If the military and police personnel can trust their auto body repairs to MPT Autobody, you can too. MPT Autobody is the South Carolina specialist when it comes to auto body repair and custom paint work or chroming services.

But in case you need a little reassurance, check out our customer reviews, and contact us at 843-957-7785 for a free consultation and quote.